Research indicates that consistent physical activity makes the difference between weight maintainers and weight regain. Weight loss and exercise have never been easier! There is only one thing worse than not exercising at all, that is exercising incorrectly. Our personal trainers will work one-on-one with you by designing a step-by-step exercise program based on your goals. You’ll be training with proper form, technique and intensity. Time is valuable, so working out with a trainer will guarantee that you spend minimal time on your workouts and get maximum results.
We will:
* Evaluate your current fitness status so we know where to start.
* Set your fitness goals and provide you with the motivation and instruction necessary for you to achieve them.
* Design a program for your fitness level.
* Schedule your workout times so you have to commit.
* Help you feel good and get great results.
* Change your life!
* We also specialize in post-rehabilitation and post-op fitness programs designed to enhance physical therapy obtained through rehabilitation services. Each workout program is individualized based on injury, surgery and other health factors.