“Tony Lyons and Fitness Foundation has been a life changer!  When I met Tony, I was at about a 38% body fat and weighed in at about 290 pounds.  Since working out with Tony and changing my eating and drinking (I loved beer) habits I have dropped 12% body fat and 25 pounds overall.  My strength, stamina, confidence, and much more has all improved!  Im not where I want to be, yet.  But I know with Tonys help…I WILL ACHIEVE MY FITNESS GOAL.”

Josh Haman

“I have been working out with Tony Lyons for a year and in that time my balance has improved, my eating is better and my weight is down. He helped me achieve my goals with his recommendations on when and how to eat right, a exercise program and great cardio workouts.

He also helped me with a shoulder issue I had and helped me rehab it.  My goal is to be able to keep up with my grandkids and be healthier in my golden years.”

Pam Armstrong

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